Donor Levels, Priority Rank & Points:

The HAF donor rank and priority system is utilized to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of assets of WKU Athletic events. It is used when assigning tickets for away and postseason events and parking privileges for home events. The donor rank and priority system is designed to reward loyalty and annual dollar contributions in support of WKU Athletics through memberships with the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation. To take full advantage of benefits and priority points, pledge your support by April 30th.  Deadline to renew your gift and secure full benefits is August 4.

Understanding Donor Rank and Priority Points:

  1. Donors are ranked based on donor level first. Your donor level is determined based on your annual gift amount to HAF within designated donor giving levels.
  2. Once your donor level is determined based on your gift amount, you are then ranked within your level based on your total priority points accumulated. (Additional HAF priority points can be accumulated by donating on or before the PRIORITY DEADLINE of April 30th.)

Example 1: In 2016, if Jane Doe joined the HAF for the first time and made a $5,000 gift, she would automatically be ranked within the TOP 127 donors since her gift qualified her as an Oldham Level member. Jane would then be ranked amongst all Oldham Level members, based on total points. This is applied to all giving levels.

Example 2: In 2016, John Smith made a $1,000 gift to the HAF for the 10th consecutive year! Even though his lifetime giving of $10,000 is greater than that of Jane's $5,000, the highest possible ranking that John could receive is 432.

2015 HAF Donor Rank Break Down

C Champion $25,000+ 7 1-7
D Diddle $15,000 11 8-18
F Feix $10,000 23 19-41
O Oldham $5,000 86 42-127
H Hornback $2,500 138 128-265
RT Red Towel $1,500 166 266-431
BR Big Red $1,000 163 432-594
T Topper $500 297 595-891
L Loyalty $250 420 892-1,311
V Varsity $100 446 1,312-1,757
R Rookie $50 449 1,758+


The Priority Points System

Though your donor level is vital to ascertaining your level of rank, priority points play a key role in determining your overall rank within your current donor membership level. You can earn points from the following categories each year and accumulate year-to-year.

Annual Donations

Six (6) points per $100 donated from January 1st - April 30th to HAF.

Five (5) points per $100 donated from May 1st - July 31st to HAF.

Four (4) points per $100 donated from August 1st - Dec. 31st to HAF.

Two (2) points per $100 donated to sports specific enhancement funds or other athletic projects.

Two (2) points for each consecutive year of giving to HAF (If you miss a year, this total number is reset to zero).

Season Ticket Purchases

Two (2) points for every year of season ticket purchase in football and/or basketball.

Four(4) points for every year of season ticket purchase, including Olympic Sports Pass, to any other WKU sport.

Referred Donations

Two (2) points for every $100 referred by you to HAF.

One (1) point for any new member joined referred by you to HAF.