Frequently Asked Questions

What does my HAF membership go towards?

All HAF gifts go towards supporting student-athlete scholarships at WKU. In 2017, the total scholarship cost for all WKU student-athletes is projected to be $7,659,158.

Do I need to make separate donations for football and basketball?

No. Your gift to the HAF covers all three sports that offer priority seating - football, men's basketball, and women's basketball. However, your donation must meet the appropriate minimum contribution level in each sport to secure priority seating in that respective area. Harbaugh Club gifts are tax-deductible; however, these gifts do not count towards donation requirements for priority season tickets for basketball.

How can I increase my HAF donor ranking?

The simplest and quickest way to increase your priority standing is to donate at a higher giving level (i.e. Topper UP!). Think of it as a bracket system. Based on the donor level chart if you donate $50, the highest rank you could have achieved in 2016 was 1,758 (out of 2,206). If you increased your gift to $100, you would find yourself ranked potentially as high as 1,312, depending on your total accumulated priority points. The same applies to someone who donates $750- the highest rank they could achieve in 2016 was 650. If they increased their gift by an additional $250, they would find themselves in the Big Red ($1,000) donor level and be ranked as high as 473.

How do I obtain reserved parking for athletic events?

In 2016, anyone who donated to HAF at the $100 Varsity Level and purchased women's basketball tickets received a parking permit. Anyone who donated to HAF at the $250 Loyalty Level and purchased season tickets for football and/or men's basketball received a parking permit. Please refer to the Parking/Tailgating information page for sport-specific parking information. Parking benefits are allocated based on HAF member priority, as explained here.

How can I upgrade my current seats?

Please contact the HAF office at 270-745-5321 or simply make your request along with your football or basketball season ticket renewal, which will be sent to you in March (football) and July (basketball), respectively. Upgrade requests will be considered based on availability and HAF member priority.

If I have questions, who can I call?

Please feel free to call the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation at any time with questions you may have. Our phone number is 270.745.5321. You can also email questions to