Hilltopper Nation:

On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, thank you for your continued support of the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation. As you know the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation continues to be an integral source of scholarship funding for WKU student-athletes, and every gift, regardless of the amount, is critical to our continued success.   Over the next several weeks we will officially kick-off the 2017 Drive as renewal packets will be sent to more than 2,200 active donors.
While hard copy renewals will be mailed later this month, we are giving our donors an opportunity to get a “jump start” by easily renewing online. This earlier start is designed to provide our constituents with greater flexibility in setting up a convenient payment schedule that best works for them. Go online here, enter your email address for your username and enter your unique PIN (password).  Once you have accessed your account, under “Your Invoice” select “2017 HAF Donation Renewal”.  Payment plan options are available to spread your payments over the course of the year.  You can set up your payment plan online, over the phone, or on your renewal form when you receive the packet.
You will have the option to increase your support and join one of our annual giving initiatives the Topper Up, 3rd and Goal or 110% campaigns when renewing online.  Any Hilltopper Athletic Foundation donor who renews their gift and increases their annual contribution by at least ten percent from the previous year is eligible for an exclusive gift, weekly prize drawings and will receive bonus priority points.
Your support through the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation helps fund:
  • Scholarships/Increased Tuition Costs
  • The full cost of attendance stipend
  • Student-athlete support services (academic & career services)
  • Summer School Tuition to assist with degree progression
  • Increased recruiting/travel costs
  • Program Operations
  • Facility Enhancements
Bonus priority point renewal deadlines are April 30th to receive six (6) priority points per $100 donated and July 31st to receive five (5) priority points per $100 donated.  The deadline to renew your contribution and receive full benefits for 2017 is Friday, August 4.

One change for 2017, the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation Board of Directors recently approved HAF per seat donation increases for the upcoming 2017-18 men’s basketball season (view seating charts here).  Hilltopper Basketball per seat donation requirements have remained constant since 2003, and with the continued rise in the cost of scholarships for over 320-plus student-athletes, in addition to the increased demand for season tickets, this adjustment was necessary to continue to provide the resources needed to fund the overall experience for our student-athletes at WKU.  Please keep in mind all donations to the HAF are tax deductible and you will be provided a tax letter from main campus development office indicating your deductions.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 270-745-4370, or larry.cash@wku.edu. In addition, the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation staff is always available to assist by calling 270-745-5321.

Again, thank you very much for all you do for WKU Athletics, and here’s to another great year! Go Tops!


Larry Cash
Executive Director
Hilltopper Athletic Foundation

About HAF

Since 1965, the HAF has served as the financial lifeblood for WKU Athletics helping to fund the overall student-athlete experience at Western Kentucky University. The purposes of the Foundation is to provide the necessary scholarships and other financial assistance to allow as many student athletes as possible the opportunity for an athletic and academic experience at WKU and to further support WKU Athletics through private support and visibility.

By making a donation to the HAF, you are investing in WKU Athletics by supporting approximately 320-plus student-athletes, helping to ensure their academic and athletic success. Donations through HAF are used to provide:

  • Student-Athlete Scholarships- tuition, room & board
  • Academic and Career Development Support
  • Coaches & Administrative Support
  • Program Operations
  • Facility Enhancements/Upgrades
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Summer School tuition assistance for degree progression

Challenges Before Us:

In the last five (5) years, the HAF as seen a 26 percent increase in annual fund revenue.  During this same time frame, the annual student-athlete scholarship bill has increased by 34 percent.  In 2016, the HAF had a $6 MILLION GAP in fulfilling the costs of student-athlete scholarships.  Financial resources from other revenue sources, including university assistance, are used to meet scholasrship needs.  This scholarship funding deficit in turn impacts resources that can be otherwise used to enhance the critical areas of RECRUITING, ACADEMIC, SUPPORT, FACILITY ENHANCEMENTS, TRAVEL and EQUIPMENT.

In 2016, the scholarship bill increases by an additional $500,000 for the new cost of attendance stipend which went into effect this past July.  To continue to support the collegiate experience in the class room and in competition for the student-athletes of WKU, your support matters. Help continue to provide the resources necessary by participating in one of our  Annual Fund Campaigns as we move forward together. There is strength in numbers, so we ask what more can you do to help make an impact for the student-athletes at WKU! Join today, invest in the future!

2017 HAF Donor Guide

Annual Cost to Support the Collegiate Experience per Student-Athlete:

Book Expense - $900
Average Cost of Athletic Equipment - $1,000
Cost of Attendance (new 2016) - $2,500
Room & Board (Meals) - $7,000
In-State Tuition - $10,000
Out-of-State / International Tuition - $24,000

Hilltopper Athletic Foundation Staff

Why Donate to HAF?

Donations through the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation go to support the overall experience for the student-athletes who represent WKU.  Funds generated through HAF go to help offset scholarship funding needed for over 350 student-athletes which also includes cost of attendance stipends.

Top 5 Reasons to Donate to HAF:

  1. Your GIFT supports WKU student-athlete scholarships.
  2. Your GIFT serves as an investment in WKU Athletics.
  3. Your GIFT qualifies you for WKU season tickets.
  4. Your GIFT qualifies you for Priority Parking, Postseason Ticket Purchase, and Priority Seat Upgrades.
  5. Your GIFT is tax deductible. (please consult with your tax advisor on the deductible amount of your gift.)

To qualify as an HAF donor comes through philanthropic giving, or with required per seat donations from football, men's and women's basketball season ticket purchases, as well as any other required donations pertaining to athletic events.

By being a part of HAF, you will receive TOP priority for season ticket renewals, season ticket upgrades, parking privileges, away game tickets, postseason events such as conference tournaments, bowl games, and NCAA tournaments.