Western Kentucky Athletics Directory

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Updated Winter 2017 

Western Kentucky Athletics Department
E.A. Diddle Arena
1605 Avenue of Champions
Bowling Green, KY 42101-6412

Numbers to Know:

Athletics Main Line: (270) 745-3542
HAF Main Line: (270) 745-5321
Ticket Office: 1-800-5-BIG-RED 


 Name  Position
 Todd Stewart  Director of Athletics
 (270) 745-5276
 Craig Biggs  Associate AD (Facilities and Administration)
 (270) 745-5279
 Larry Cash  Associate AD (Development)/Executive Director (HAF)
 (270) 745-4370
 Jim Clark  Associate AD (Development)
 (270) 745-6064
 John McCammon  Associate AD (Compliance/Student Affairs)
 (270) 745-3235
 Randy Magill  Associate AD (Chief Financial Officer)
 (270) 745-5025
 Matt Morrison  Associate AD (Marketing and Ticket Sales)
 (270) 745-6074
 Kyle Neaves  Associate AD (Communications/Media Relations)  (270) 745-3756
 Lisa Schneider  Assistant to the Director of Athletics/SWA
 (270) 745-5276
 Debbie Carroll  Business Operations Specialist
 (270) 745-5038
 Phyllis Finch  Administrative Assistant  (270) 745-3542
 Lisa Powers  Administrative Assistant  (270) 745-5530  
 Academic Advising - Student-Athlete Success Center (SASC)  
 Name  Position
 Jashard Justice  Assistant AD/Director of SASC  (270) 745-6022
 Lacee Carmon-Johnson  Assistant Director  (270) 745-0103  
 Tanner Siewert  Assistant Director  (270) 745-4311
 Dixie Mahurin  Academic Coordinator  (270) 745-6056
 William Monts  Academic Coordinator  (270) 745-4311
 Sara Beth Naas  Academic Coordinator  (270) 745-4311
 Dianna Marshall  Academic Advisor  (270) 745-7037
 Jasmine Bass  Graduate Assistant      
 Josh Harris  Graduate Assistant      
 Athletic Communications / Media Relations  
 Name  Position
 Kyle Neaves  Associate AD (Communications/Media Relations) - Ath. Dept./FB  (270) 745-3756
 Zach Greenwell  Associate Director - MBB/Golf  (270) 745-5045
 Currie McFayden  Associate Director - WBB/Soccer  (270) 745-2599
 Bryan Fyalkowski  Assistant Director - Baseball/Football  (270) 745-5388
 Jessica Leifheit  Assistant Director - Volleyball/Softball/Track & Field  (270) 745-4363
 Lance Dozier  Media Relations Assistant - Tennis/MBB/Track & Field  (270) 745-4298
 Paul Just  Sports Information Director Emeritus -- Historian  (270) 792-4247
Specific Sport Contacts
 Athletic Training  
 Name  Position
 Bill Edwards  Associate AD (Sports Medicine/Athletic Training)  (270) 745-6026
 Mike Gaddie  Associate Director of Athletic Training  (270) 745-5317
 Katie Gorecki  Associate Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-3743  
 Bryan Schneider  Associate Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-4356  
 Dustin Wilson  Associate Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-4212
 Jessica Hulderman  Assistant Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-4173
 Niki Koch  Assistant Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-4243
 Christopher Walker  Assistant Athletic Trainer  (270) 745-4315
 Craig Potthast  Intern      
 Russell Smothermon  Intern      
 Catherine Walker  Intern      
 Hannah Zurhellen  Intern      
 Name  Position
 John McCammon  Associate AD (Compliance/Student Affairs)
 (270) 745-3235
 Jennifer Wittenauer Director of Athletic Compliance
 (270) 745-4029
 Lisa Schneider  Assistant to the Director of Athletics/SWA  (270) 745-5276  
 Phyllis Finch  Administrative Assistant  (270) 745-3542
 Name  Position
 Craig Biggs  Associate AD (Facilities and Administration)  (270) 745-5279
 Les Forsythe  Assistant AD (Facilities)  (270) 745-2903
 Gina Knutson  Coordinator of Athletic Facilities and Event Management  (270) 745-3324
 Hilltopper Athletic Foundation (HAF) - (270) 745-5321   
 Name  Position
 Larry Cash  Associate AD (Development)/Executive Director (HAF)  (270) 745-4370
 Jim Clark  Associate AD, Development  (270) 745-6064
 Aaron Epstein  Director of Development  (270) 745-4060
 Abigail Roberts  Assistant Director, Donor Relations  (270) 745-2468
 Paula Davids  Staff Assistant  (270) 745-5321    
 Jared Willis  Development Assistant  (270) 745-5321
 Hilltopper IMG Sports Marketing (Rightsholder)  
 Name  Position
 Chris Bloomfield  General Manager
 (270) 745-6462
 Randy Lee  Sr. Account Executive, "Voice of the Hilltoppers"
 (270) 745-6065
 Jamie Levitt  Account Executive
 (270) 745-2179
 Jalynn Britt  Partner Services Coordinator
 (270) 745-5393
 Marketing & Promotions  
 Name  Position
 Matt Morrison  Associate AD (Marketing and Ticket Sales)
 (270) 745-6074
 Zack McKay  Assistant AD (Marketing)  (270) 745-4083
 Tyler Basler  Director of Marketing  (270) 745-6048
 Paula Davids  Mascot Coordinator  (270) 745-2252
 Olivia Higgins  Marketing Assistant  (270) 745-6562
 Tyler McNamara  Marketing Assistant  (270) 745-6048
 Tom Jones  Head Cheerleading Coach  (270) 202-0425
 Nicole Patton  Dance Team Co-Head Coach  
 Morgan Sondergeld  Dance Team Co-Head Coach  
 Strength & Conditioning  
 Name  Position
 Duane Hall  Director of Strength and Conditioning  (270) 745-2411
 John Stephanski  Assistant Director  (270) 745-6882
 Marci Hoppa  Assistant Director  (270) 745-6882  
 Daniel Smith  Assistant  (270) 745-6882  
 Ticket Office - 1-800-5 BIG RED or (270) 745-5222  
 Name  Position
 Matt Morrison  Associate AD (Marketing and Ticket Sales)  (270) 745-6074
 Adam Mercer  Director of Ticket Sales  (270) 745-2423
 Jon Warren  Director of Ticket Operations  (270) 745-2455
 Chelsie Cummings  Ticket Sales Associate  (270) 745-6837
 Name  Position
 John Pawlowski  Head Coach  (270) 745-2277
 Ty Megahee  Assistant Coach (Infield and Recruiting)  (270) 745-2276
 Rob Reinstetle  Assistant Coach (Hitting and Outfield)  (270) 745-2274
 Tommy Winterstein  Volunteer Assistant and Camp Director  (270) 745-2493
 Gaston Glasscock  Director of Baseball Operations  (270) 745-5775
 Men's Basketball  
 Name  Position
 Rick Stansbury  Head Coach  (270) 745-2131  
 Chris Cheeks
 Assistant Coach  

 Shammond Williams  Assistant Coach  

 Ben Hansbrough  Assistant Coach  

 Talvis Franklin  Director of Basketball Operations  
 Martin Cross  Associate Director of Basketball Operations  
 William Monts  Academic Coordinator  
 Erien Watson  Program Manager  
 Women's Basketball  
 Name  Position
 Michelle Clark-Heard  Head Coach  (270) 745-2133
 Greg Collins  Associate Head Coach  
 Melissa Kolbe  Assistant Coach  
 Brittany Parker  Assistant Coach  
 Jhasmin Bowen  Graduate Assistant  
 Ervin Williams  Director of Basketball Operations  (270) 745-6831
 Peggy Jones  Administrative Assistant  (270) 745-2133
 Name  Position
 Mike Sanford  Head Coach  (270) 745-2984
 Clayton White  Assistant Coach -- Defensive Coordinator  
 Junior Adams  Assistant Coach -- Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers  
 Steve Spurrier Jr.  Assistant Head Coach -- Quarterbacks  
 Mike Sanford Sr.  Assistant Coach -- Special Teams Coordinator/Running Backs  
 Geoff Dartt  Assistant Coach -- Offensive Line  
 Jimmy Lindsey  Assistant Coach -- Defensive Line  
 Jami DeBerry  Assistant Coach -- Safeties/Recruiting Coordinator  
 Ryan Mahaffey  Assistant Coach -- Tight Ends  
 Maurice Crum  Assistant Coach -- Linebackers  
 Nick Uhlenhopp  Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations  
 Thomas Stallworth  Director of Football Strength and Conditioning  
 Brock Willis  Special Teams Quality Control  
 Harris Bivin  Offensive Graduate Assistant  
 Anthony Davis II  Defensive Graduate Assistant (Nickelbacks)  
 Kenny Martin  Defensive Graduate Assistant (Defensive Tackles)  
 Matthew Mitchell  Offensive Graduate Assistant  
 Dave Consiglio  Asst. Director of Strength and Conditioning  
 Nate Dennison  Director of Recruiting  
 Brian Ditmer  Head Equipment Manager  
 Zach Grant  Director of Player Personnel  
 Quinn Hollan  Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning  
 Antonio Leonard  Strength and Conditioning Assistant  
 Aaron Menard  Director of Football Video  
 Laura Thomas  Director of Player Development  
 Football Recruiting    
 Men's Golf  
 Name  Position
 Phillip Hatchett  Head Coach  (270) 745-5036
 Women's Golf  
 Name  Position
 Adam Gary  Head Coach  (270) 745-8802
 Name  Position
 Jason Neidell  Head Coach  (270) 745-6563
 Will Beddingfield  Assistant Coach  (270) 745-3185
 Dustin Downey  Assistant Coach  (270) 745-4326
 Name  Position
 Amy Tudor  Head Coach  (270) 745-6269
 Matt Wilhite  Assistant Coach  
 Kayla Bixel  Assistant Coach  
 Women's Tennis  
 Name  Position
 Jonatan Berhane  Head Coach  (270) 745-6485
 Track & Field / Cross Country  
 Name  Position
 Erik Jenkins  Head Coach  (270) 745-6024
 Jarrett Murphy  Assistant Coach (Vertical Jumps/Combined)  (270) 745-6025
 Willie Johnson  Assistant Coach (Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps)  (270) 745-2624
 Jarrett Blankenship  Assistant Coach (Distance)  (270) 745-3253
 Laysha Brown  Director of Operations  (270) 745-4325
 Name  Position
 Travis Hudson  Head Coach  (270) 745-6496
 Kristi Griffin  Assistant Coach  (270) 745-7090
 Craig Bere  Assistant Coach  (270) 745-2139
 Brianna Guzinski  Graduate Assistant
 Aaron King  Volunteer Assistant Coach

For additions or corrections to this directory, please email Kyle Neaves, Associate Athletic Director, Communications.