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Our clinics are an opportunity for high school cheerleaders of any grade to prepare for cheerleading at the college level. This is also an opportunity for seniors planning to tryout at WKU to get a head start by learning the tryout material early and meet other potential cheerleaders to work on tryout material. Attendance at a prep stunt clinic can take place of the first tryout clinic day to ease in travel during tryout week. Liability form and information sheet must be turned in at check in of each clinic. No pre-registration required. The liability form can be found at our web page. The cost is $75 per clinic.

Friday February 20th     6-9 pm    Diddle Arena Aux Gym B

Saturday March 28th   5-8 pm    Diddle Arena Main Floor

Saturday April 4th      5-8 pm    Bowling Green Cheerforce

Saturday April 18th        5-8 pm      Diddle Arena Aux Gym B

A waiver must be filled out in order for cheerleaders to participate. Click HERE to access the waiver.

Current WKU Coed and All-girl cheerleaders as well as the coaching staff will be available to work with you on stunting, tumbling, baskets, and etc. The tryout material will be taught and assistance offered on cleaning up that material. Each tryout participant will need to learn the fight song and a cheer that they will be required to know for tryouts. In addition to the fight song and cheer the all-girl tryout participants will also be required to learn a dance.

2015 Western Kentucky University Tryout Information
Tryout Date: May 2nd Doors open at 8am
Location: Diddle Arena
Tryout Clinic Dates: April 29th, 30th, May 1st
Clinic Times: 6:30pm-9pm
Location- Diddle Arena Auxiliary Gym B
Dress for clinics should be a form fitting top and cheer shorts for women, for tryout day cheer or tennis skirt and tank. For men we would like to see T-shirts and athletic shorts for clinics, polo and athletic shorts for try-outs. Cheer shoes are mandatory and no jewelry is to be worn.

For any questions concerning the prep clinics or tryouts, please contact: 

Coed - Tom Jones: 270-202-0425 -
All Girl - Joshua Bewley: 270-799-1336 -


2015-16 WKU Cheerleading Program

Coaching Staff

(Left to Right): Sarah K Jones, Tom Jones, Joshua Bewley, Joni Hall

WKU Cheerleaders Place Highly at National Championships

WKU and Alabama were the only two FBS programs with top-10 finishes by both the all-girl and co-ed squads.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. --   The WKU all-girl cheerleading squad placed eighth in the nation and the co-ed squad finished fifth in the 2015 College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 16-18.

The nation's top college cheerleaders assembled at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando to compete at the championships, presented by Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association. The prestigious competition showcased the country's best college cheerleaders, dance teams and mascots.

The WKU all-girl cheer squad placed in the top-10 in the nation, finishing in 8th place and topping schools such at Florida State, Mississippi State, Rutgers, Penn State and Oklahoma. The WKU co-ed cheer squad placed in the top-5, finishing in 5th place, an all-time best for the WKU Cheerleading program. The co-ed squad topped schools such as Penn State, Minnesota, LSU, Ohio State, Mississippi and Tennessee.

WKU and Alabama were the only two FBS programs with top-10 finishes by both the all-girl and co-ed squads.

The co-ed squad is coached by Tom and Sarah Jones, and the all-girl squad is coached by Josh Bewley, Joni Hall and Lori Bewley.

Varsity competed in the UCA College Competition and received 2nd place in Division I in 2004 and 2006.  Varsity and All Girl Squads competing in 2009 and 2010  in Division IA and received two Top Ten Finishes.

Large Coed: Cheer Football and Men’s Basketball
All-Girl Squad: Cheer Football and Women’s Basketball


Stacey R. Coy
December 27, 1974 - January 8, 1998

The Western Kentucky University Athletics Department has established a Memorial Scholarship Fund in the memory of Stacey Coy.

Stacey, a senior health care administration major, died in an automobile accident on January 8, 1998.

Stacey was a varsity cheerleader for football and men's basketball for three seasons, serving two years as co-captain. She fulfilled her dream of serving as "Big Red" during the 1997-98 season.

This scholarship fund has been established for WKU's cheerleading program.

Scholarship donations
can be sent to:

Stacey Coy
Memorial Scholarship Fund

c/o WKU Foundation
Western Kentucky University
1 Big Red Way
Bowling Green, Ky. 42101