A total of 30 WKU student-athletes will graduate this Saturday in commencement ceremonies set to begin at 10:00 a.m. at E.A. Diddle Arena.  The 30 student-athletes will hold degrees in 18 separate majors and comprise 11 total sports.  Twelve members of the football team will graduate, the most of any sport. 


“The commencement ceremonies in December and May are the most gratifying days of the year for me,” said Director of Athletics Dr. Camden Wood Selig.  “When our outstanding student-athletes receive their degrees, it validates so many things.  It rewards their dedication and commitment to consistently applying themselves in the classroom, and it proves we are indeed recruiting student-athletes and are giving them the proper support structure and resources to succeed.  The perseverance they have exhibited in obtaining their degrees will prepare them in so many ways for life’s future challenges.”


Nine of WKU’s 19 programs have a cumulative team GPA of 3.0 or higher, and WKU student-athletes in the university’s 19 sports are majoring in 76 different programs.  The Gordon Ford College of Business has 58 student-athletes, the most of any division.  Thirty student-athletes are majoring in Biology and additional majors for student-athletes include diverse programs such as Anthropology, Chemistry, French and Spanish.


WKU has had more individuals honored by the league academically than any other institution in each of the last four years after 158 made the league’s Commissioner’s List and Academic Honor Roll in 2007-08.   Since Selig’s arrival in 1999, 87% of WKU student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility have graduated. 





Student-Athlete                        Sport                                     Major

Dusty Bear                                Football                         Interdisciplinary Studies

Andrew Campbell                       Football                         Physical Education

Austin Chestnut                         Football                         Interdisciplinary Studies

Dan Cline                                   Football                        Corporate and Organizational Communication

Jared Holland                             Football                         Business Administration

Chris McConnell                         Football                         Interdisciplinary Studies

Greg Ryan                                 Football                         Construction Management

Tanner Siewert                           Football                         Management

Bo Smith                                   Football                         Health Care Administration

Ben Sowders                             Football                         Physical Education

Zachary Thuney                         Football                         Management

David Wolke                              Football                         Management


Adam Howard                           M Basketball                  Mass Communication


Asa Dew                                   Men’s CC                      Sociology

Morris Smith                             Men’s CC                       Biology


Matthew Fuqua                         M Golf                           Corporate and Organizational Communication

James Perry                             M Golf                           Computer Information Systems


Michael Caruso                         M Swimming                 Construction Management

Michael Freese                         M Swimming                 Social Studies

Kyle Peterson                           M Swimming                 Elementary Education

Robert Wimberly                       M Swimming                 Industrial Sciences


Kyle Schroeder                         Soccer                          Physical Education


Jessica Magley                         W Basketball                Political Science


Natalie Leeper                           Women’s CC                Sociology

Heather Ross                            Women’s CC                Elementary Education


Jeris Freesmeier                        W Golf                         Marketing


Mallory Neltner                          W Swimming               Communication Studies

Elizabeth Peterson                    W Swimming                Elementary Education

Tessa Weghorst                        W Swimming               English & Allied Language Arts


Holly Kell                                  W Tennis                    Physical Education