Dr. Wood Selig Responds!

Nov. 22, 2002

Q: Once the installation of the new floor in Diddle Arena begins at the end of this season will there be an opportunity to acquire a piece of the old floor? My wife (Laura Ogles) played for the Lady Toppers 1983-1987 and would love to have a piece of that old floor. -- Tim Rhea, Louisville, Ky.

Dr. Selig: Absolutely yes..... that is exactly what we want. We would like Hilltopper and Lady Topper fans of all ages to have access to pieces of the original hardwood playing floor from Diddle Arena. We will also make available the original chairback seats.

The Hilltopper Athletic Foundation will be coordinating this project during the summer of 2003. As such materials should be forthcoming during the 2002-03 season as to how fans can obtain these floor and seat keepsakes from Diddle Arena.

Should you want to get on a mailing list, call the HAF at 270-745-5321. Thanks for your interest.