Dr. Wood Selig Responds!

Nov. 21, 2001

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Q: I talked to Vince Sweeney at the Badger game last saturday.. ( before the special teams fiasco)... any chance you can get the Badgers to a home-home b-ball game? Tell him Indiana is going down to Carbondale to play Southern IL. -- Submitted by Jim Letourneau, Bowling Green, Ky.

Dr. Selig: Jim, As a matter of fact, we are having discussions right now with Wisconsin and Tennessee about a men's basketball series and are hopeful to get at least one for the near future. WKU is no longer a secret, however, when we pull off wins like we have at Louisville and Kentucky - we may not get these type of chances often, but when we do Coach Felton and his fine staff are making the most out of them. Thanks for your support of WKU athletics.

Q. I am an alumnus of Western and would like to see more students come to the games. I would propose that to get them there they should get better seats than the upper deck and about 50 on the floor. When the luxury boxes come in and many of the red towel seat holders move to those, what is the likelihood of replacing the retractable padded chairs with retractable bench seats for the students? I think you would find that we would have more of a much more exciting Cameron (Duke) atmosphere, thus getting more TV exposure, and essentially more money into our sports program.

Dr. Selig: Scott, I hope you were in Diddle for the home opener versus Evansville. We had over 1,200 students at that game..... while WKU was technically out for Thanksgiving break. Last season we averaged about 600 - 700 students per game. Suffice it to say that we are off to a great start! Holiday games in the past have hurt us, but with success we are experiencing this year, we should be able to generate support over the Holidays from our local students.

Students are just like all other fans.... they will support a winner. With the type of excitement the Hilltoppers provide on the court, we should continue to see an increase in student attendance. Local product Patrick Sparks is quickly becoming a student and fan favorite for his all out hustle and brilliant passing. Our up tempo style with aggressive in-your-face defense makes the Toppers an exciting squad to watch.

With the Diddle renovation plan, students will get more and better seats on the floor. Can not say exactly where and what those numbers will be right now. The atmosphere will also be much improved with a new sound system, a new lighting system that allows for fancy pre-game introductions, two instant replay videoboards, improved concessions and restrooms, all chair back seats, and air conditioning..... going to Diddle will be as much fun as the game itself!

Thanks for your support of the Tops..... hope to see all the students out in force this year. Outstanding student support this year is the best way to get more and improved seat locations for the future.

Q. Are there any other options for a conference for us. The Sun Belt has such poor teams that no one really cares to see with out any natural rivals except Middle. Are we looking at any other conf. that might suit us better?

Dr. Selig: Brad, We are very happy with the Sun Belt right now. It is a I-A football conference which offers us a natural home for our I-AA football program should we elect to go in that direction. Also, the baseball and women's basketball are among the nation's elite. The men's basketball should be much improved in the very near future.

With the conference expansions and shake-ups that may take place in the next 3-5 years, we are in a perfect position to sit back and watch what transpires while always keeping an eye toward strengthening the SBC. We will attempt to schedule natural rivalry games through our non-conference games.

Additionally, and probably most importantly.....no other conference has been beating down our doors and begging that we join them.