Draft Of WKU's NCAA Self-Study Available For Review Online

Bowling Green, Ky. - A draft of Western Kentucky University’s NCAA athletics certification self-study has been posted on the University’s website for review by faculty, staff, students and community members.

The report, compiled by a steering committee of campus and community members, will be available for review for 14 days at www.wku.edu/ncaa/. Comments or feedback may be e-mailed to the committee at NCAACR@wku.edu.

“This draft report is being posted online to receive pertinent campus and community feedback,” said General Counsel Deborah Wilkins, chair of the steering committee.

The draft also will be presented to the Board of Regents at its October meeting.

The University’s NCAA certification process, a comprehensive self-study designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of the intercollegiate athletics program, began in January. The University originally underwent certification in 1994 and conducted an “interim” self-study in 2000.

The steering committee will forward a final draft of the report to the NCAA in mid-November. The NCAA self-study peer review team will visit Western in February.

The NCAA self-study requires review of four areas: Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance; Academic Integrity; Fiscal Integrity; and Equity, Welfare and Sportsmanship.