Best of the Sun Belt

NEW ORLEANS -- Is there a place that you can't resist going to get a bite to eat when you are travelling around the Sun Belt's cities while watching your favorite team?

Maybe there is a dish that you look forward to every time you visit that city?

Or maybe you've got a spot that you always go to before or after one of your home games in your own town?

Well now is your chance to let everyone know what the "Best of the Sun Belt" is.

From now until October 28th you can pick your favorites on the links below.  Members of the media and fans will have a chance to select their favorites from 11 different categories in all 12 Sun Belt cities plus Hot Springs, Arkansas - the site of the annual Men's and Women's Basketball Championships.

The winners will be announced in early November - so make sure you get your vote in to let everyone know what you think is the "Best of the Sun Belt."

Click HERE to vote for the Best of the Sun Belt.