Dr. Wood Selig Responds!

Sept. 21, 2000

Q: Do you have any plans to move the lights at L.T. Smith Stadium from their current location? They seem to be very obtrusive and make it hard to see the field, especially from the upper deck. Also, are there any plans for Western to move all of its sports into the Gateway Conference once football goes there in 2001?

Dr. Selig: There are currently no plans for any changes to move the lights. They are in an odd placement located in the top third of a few sections in the upperdeck. They obstruct a minimal number of seats and the configuration does not impact us financially at this time.

As for moving all of our sports to the Gateway Conference - the Gateway is a football-only conference. Most members play the majority of their other sports in the Missouri Valley Conference, an excellent and prestigious national conference. We are very pleased with the level of competition and the success of the Sun Belt Conference. As one of only 10 Division I-A conferences, we are members of an elite group of institutions. Furthermore, the Sun Belt was recently ranked 10th for men and 12th for women in a survey of national competitiveness. We are in a dynamic, progessive conference.

Thanks for your interest in WKU athletics.