Dr. Selig Responses

Sept. 14, 2001

Q: I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a music and light routine as the Toppers take the floor during basketball season this year. This is done in a lot of arena's for the teams and seems to set the atmosphere for the fans and the players. I believe we have a very good sound system that will handle this and I think for the crowd and TV games it would be very energizing. There are a lot of differen rock jock tapes on the market that are used for this type of staging atmosphere. What is your opinion? P.S. It is time for WKU to make a complete showing in men's basketrball and I am thankful for all you have done to make this happen so far! -- question submitted by James A Grean (Bowling Green, Ky.)

Dr. Selig: James, I agree with your comments about a staging the team entrance and introductions.... I think they are good for everyone.... the team, the fans, the student body, etc.... The two key elements to organize such an introduction typically involve a videoboard and an ability to raise and lower the house lights - neither of which we currently possess. Once we complete the renovation project (hopefully by September of 2002) we expect to put considerable time and emphasis on this aspect of our game experience. Until next year, however, we will do the best we can with the limited technology that we have in a 38 year old facility. We are almost there... thanks for your support.

Q: Are there any plans to upgrade the aquatic facilities at WKU? Closing the pool in Diddle not only hurts two of the more productive teams on the hill but also the BG area. -- question submitted by Matthew T. Rydson (Elkhart, Ind.)

Dr. Selig: We have a tremendously ambitious facility renovation plan for athletics... in scope and expense. The renovations being discussed total almost $28 million and will not be limited to the $25 million renovation of Diddle (which would force closing the six lane pool in Diddle as the expense of this antiquated component of Diddle Arena to update, maintain and operate is too costly). Proposed venue enhancements will directly involve and impact the following intercollegiate athletic teams: men's and women's soccer, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's outdoor track and field, men's and women's swimming, women's softball, baseball, and football. When you include the other primary tenants of Diddle Arena, men's and women's basketball and volleyball, sixteen of our 20 (80%) intercollegiate athletic teams will be directly impacted by improved on-campus intercollegiate athletic facilities. I can not think of another athletic program in the country that will positively impact such a high percentage of their intercollegiate athletic programs so quickly (all within the next 12-18 months) and comprehensively. Our goal with the Diddle Arena renovation project is to enhance our intercollegiate athletic and academic experience for as many student-athletes as possible. All of our athletic participants will benefit from Diddle's new 5,000 square foot weight room, new state-of-the-art training room, and new study hall facilities and student-athlete computer lab. The male and female athletes for sports not housed in Diddle, i.e. golf and tennis, will have their own combined locker rooms in Diddle to make them feel a part of the renovation and have a place to call home in Diddle Arena. When we have finished our aggressive and thorough renovation of Diddle Arena and our entire athletic complex, our intention is to have enhanced the gameday, practice and everyday life experience for all constituents who use and visit these facilities. Swimming should be well taken care of within these plans. -- question submitted by R.D. Smith (Horse Cave, Ky.)

Q: The word around our area is that the new women's basketball coach has said that he didn't want any more Kentucky girls and would not be recruiting any. This is upsetting to hear, especially since we have two top prospects at our high school (Hart County). If this is true, it will hurt the support of the team also. Could you respond? -- question submitted by R.D. Smith (Horse Cave, Ky.)

Dr. Selig: I have spoken with Shawn Campbell, our women's head coach, about your comments. I was somewhat shocked by your statement about us not recruiting the state of Kentucky as I have never heard him say that. In fact, I have heard Coach Cambell speak favorably about the outstanding in-state talent we are blessed with here in Kentucky. Coach Campbell indicated to me that his strategy would be to always maintain a high priority for in-state recruiting, with a very active recruiting of the state's best basketball prospects. While we want to capture the Commonwealth's best talent for Lady Topper basketball, we also want to be mindful of the national scene and broaden our recruiting scope to include the most talented prospects from across the nation. Combining the best in-state talent with top recruits from across the country will gave the Lady Toppers the best chance to succeed at the national level. Thank you for bringing this item to our attention and allowing us to correct this mis-perception about the recruiting philosophy of Coach Campbell and our Lady Topper staff. We will always maintain a high priority for in-state student-athletes, not just for the Lady Toppers but within all of our intercollegiate athletic programs. One look at our various team rosters will confirm that recruiting priority.

Q: Why doesn't the official athletic site for WKU have any information of the WKU Intercollegiate Horse Show Team? It has won a National Title, has had several members of the team win regional, zone, and national titles and yet the team gets no recognition? Why is this? question submitted by Kelly Smith (Bowling Green, Ky.)

Dr. Selig: Kelly, Thanks for your question. We do have an excellent women's equestrian team that has won several national awards. It is a club sport similar to Rugby, Lacrosse, and several other sports on campus, none of which we report about on the official intercollegiate athletic web site at wkusports.com. You do bring up an interesting issue, perhaps the University web site or the IM/Rec web link can promote some of these club sport successes. Thanks for your comments.