Red is Green

Hilltopper Fans-

An environmental program designed to showcase the environmental or "green initiatives of its partners to Bowling Green and South Central Kentucky residents.

Red is Green Partners

Allied Energy, Inc

Allied Energy, Inc is an independent energy firm primarily producing domestic oil and natural gas. Allied Energy is committed to the environment and our community. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Allied Alternative Energy, the company conducts a recycling program at its corporate headquarters, sponsors local environmental initiatives, and supports emerging environmental technology and alternative energy production projects.




Department of Public Works/ City of Bowling Green

Since March 2003, the City of Bowling Green has been striving to meet US EPA mandated requirements to improve water quality. Runoff from urban areas such as Bowling Green carries with it a wide range of contaminants that degrade water quality. The goal of Bowling Green's storm water program is to educate the public about things we can all do to improve water quality. Clean water is everyone's responsibility.






For 20 years WKYU-PBS has provided this area with free tree seedlings to help reduce our carbon footprint.  To date we have planted over 250,000 trees.  Also, we are eliminating the use of videotape, a petroleum product, in our station and HSSN operations.  Finally, this year we switched to a new digital transmitter which reduced our on-site power consumption by 66%.


BG Transit

Try transit today!  GO BG transit affords personal mobility to Bowling Green residents and visitors, providing opportunities for employment, education, healthcare, social services, shopping, and socialization.  GO BG transit is an environmentally friendly alternative to single occupancy vehicles.   Avoid the fuss.  Take the bus!



Kenway Distributors, Inc.

Caring for the environment and providing a healthy workplace are demanding tasks that offer unquestionable long terms benefits. Determining what is truly "environmentally friendly" or "green" has been a confusing process. The development of recognized standards greatly improves our ability to make purchasing decisions that contribute to the sustainability of a healthy environment for all.