WKU to Host Student-Athlete Development and Life Skills Sessions

WKU Athletics
Aug. 27, 2015 BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — WKU Athletics will be hosting various student-athlete development and life skills sessions throughout the 2015-16 academic year, beginning Monday evening with a session on nutrition.

Other sessions to be held throughout the year include Banking 101, Cover Letter and Resume Writing, Budgeting 101, Debt 101 and Interviewing and How to Sell Yourself, among others. WKU is aiming to hold two sessions per month, on average.

“As administrators, we feel that one of our main goals is to prepare our student-athletes for life beyond college,” WKU Senior Woman Administrator Lisa Schneider said. “We hope these sessions will help our student-athletes during their time here at WKU, but also in their time beyond The Hill. It is important to help our student-athletes think about what comes next in their lives, and we think this will be a fun and informative way to do so.”

The student-athlete development and life skills sessions will culminate with the first student-athlete job fair at WKU, which is scheduled to be held in April.

In addition to members of the WKU Athletics staff teaching certain sessions, community members will also give presentations on the chosen topics.