Representative of University Athletic Intrest


Under NCAA rules a "representative of the institution's athletic interest" (athletic representative/booster) is any individual who has ever:

  • made any type of contribution to the athletics department or an of its booster clubs;

  • joined and/or participated in booster clubs;

  • provided benefits to prospective or enrolled student-athletes or their families;

  • assisted, in any manner, in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes;

  • promoted the athletics department in any manner;

  • been a student-athlete at the institution ;

  • been a student at the institution (alumni).

The NCAA stipulates that once you become an "athletics representative" you retain that identity forever, even if you no longer contribute to, or are involved with, the athletics program at WKU.

WKU is ultimately responsible for your actions as an athletic representative. We are proud to have the loyal support of and continued interest in our athletics programs by our boosters, alumni, and friends; however, we must remind you that an inappropriate contact or an inadvertent action on your part can jeopardize the eligibility of our current and prospective Hilltopper student-athletes. By knowing and understanding the rules you can best serve the WKU athletic program.

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Representative of University Athletic Intrest
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