Representatives Activities

YOUR ACTIONS as an athletic representative

With regard to RECRUITING and PROSPECTS...

DO feel free to attend junior and senior high school or junior college athletic events. NCAA rules do not prohibit you from doing so...only you may not come into contact with a prospect or member of a prospect's family while you are in attendance. If you find yourself sitting next to a prospect's family be sure not to initiate any conversation about WKU. If contact or conversation is initiated with you about WKU, you are permitted to respond in a civil manner. Please do not discuss WKU's athletic program, but refer them to our athletic department.

DO continue established family relationships with friends and neighbors that have children of prospect age or those who are presently student-athletes. Contacts with sons or daughters of these families certainly are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by a member of the WKU's coaching staff.

DO feel free to attend a public event, dinner, or banquet at which prospects are in attendance. No attempt should be made to recruit prospects.

DO send the WKU coaching staff any newspaper clippings or other information about prospects that you think would be of interest. Your assistance with this is helpful.

DO feel free to contact WKU's Compliance Office if you are interested in employing a prospect after he or she graduates from high school and prior to their initial enrollment at WKU.


DO provide employment for currently enrolled student-athletes during permissible time periods and at regular rates of pay for similarly situated non-athletes. We require all student-athletes to receive prior approval for employment and maintain written employment earnings records for employment that occurs during the academic year.

DO feel free to invite a student-athlete to your home for a home-cooked meal. Such a meal must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions. You MAY NOT provide a student-athlete with a meal at a restaurant. You MAY provide the student-athlete transportation to your home. Please contact the head coach prior to your invitation.

DO feel free to invite a team for dinner or to meet with a group of alumni in a city where they are competing. The NCAA permits student-athletes AS A TEAM to receive special benefits not permitted to individuals. Arrangements must be made in advance.

with regard to RECRUITING and PROSPECTS...

DO NOT make any contact with a prospect or the prospect's relatives on- or off-campus. If a prospect approaches you off-campus regarding the athletics program, explain that NCAA rules do not permit you to discuss the program.

DO NOT become directly or indirectly involved in making arrangements for a prospect, the prospect's relatives or friends to receive money or financial aid of any kind.

DO NOT transport, pay, or arrange for payment of transportation costs for a prospect, of the prospect's relatives of friends to visit campus of elsewhere.

DO NOT provide room and/or board, transportation of any kind or any other benefit to a prospect during the summer prior to the enrollment of Fall classes at WKU.

DO NOT contact an enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging the student-athlete to transfer to WKU and participate in our athletics program.

DO NOT pay in whole or in part funds for the payment of registration fees for any prospect to attend a summer sport camp.

DO NOT provide free tickets to prospects or their family members to either home or away WKU athletic events.

DO NOT mail anything to a prospect such a newspaper clippings, posters, programs, etc. The NCAA restricts the type of materials that may be sent to prospects and prohibits anyone but athletic department employees from distributing such material or communicating with prospects in writing.

DO NOT provide ANYTHING to or for a prospect, the prospect's relatives or friends without first checking with the WKU Compliance Office.


DO NOT provide any extra benefit or special arrangement to currently enrolled student-athletes. The NCAA considers extra-benefits to include, but not limited to:

  • special discount;

  • payment arrangement, or credit on purchases;

  • tickets, clothes, or services (laundry, tailoring, typing, etc.);

  • a loan of money in any amount;

  • the use of an automobile;

  • the purchase of meals or services;

  • the transportation to or from a summer job (unless transportation is provided to all other employees);

  • co-signing a loan;

  • selling or giving a student-athlete a ticket to an athletic, university, or community event;

  • the use of personal property, or providing Christmas or birthday gifts.

DO NOT provide enrolled student-athletes with professional services for which a fee would normally be charged (dental or medical services, haircuts, etc.)

DO NOT expend funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends or relatives. You are not even permitted to buy a student-athlete a soda at an athletic event.

DO NOT provide any type of award or gifts to an enrolled student-athlete. All awards must conform with NCAA regulations and must first be approved by WKU.

DO NOT permit student-athletes or his or her friends or relatives to use your telephones to make free long-distance calls.

DO NOT use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend, or promote the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Such use will render the student-athlete ineligible for competition.

DO NOT provide an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement. Only necessary travel expenses can be given when speaking to educational and charitable groups. The athletic department must approve all speaking engagements in advance.

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