Recruiting and Transferring



After September 1, WKU coaches can respond to e-mails from seniors and juniors in high school. Under NCAA rules our coaches may only mail responses to freshmen and sophomores. You may call any of our coaches at any time; however, NCAA rules prohibit them from returning your call unless you are a senior in high school. Phone calls by WKU coaches may begin July 1 following the prospect’s junior year (there are exceptions for football and basketball). Coaches are also limited in the total number of calls they may make to any one prospect.

The most important publication for all high-school athletes who are preparing to compete at the college-level is the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete (CLICK HERE). This booklet summarizes the NCAA rules and regulations in an easy-to-read form. It includes guidelines relating to recruiting, eligibility, financial aid, and college freshman eligibility requirement for Divisions I and II. You may request one free printed copy by calling 800-638-3731.


Under NCAA rules our coaches may not respond via e-mail or phone to four-year college transfer students before the student-athlete obtains a release from their first college. The release must be faxed to the WKU’s main office. Four-year college transfer students must obtain an additional release in order to be immediately eligible to receive an athletic scholarship at WKU.

Recruiting and Transferring
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