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Academic Advising

Priority Registration - This service alleviates any class and practice time conflicts for our student-athletes. All student-athletes are required to meet with their major department advisor and their SASC academic advisor before the registration period to discuss progress toward their degree (PTD), and to ensure they are in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

iCap Reports (Interactive Curriculum and Academic Progress) - iCap reports display all of the academic requirements for a specific major/minor along with the coursework student-athletes need to graduate. SASC academic advisors use this online advising tool to determine student-athletes' progress toward degree (PTD) for NCAA eligibility purposes.

Academic Progress Monitoring

Athlete Grade Review (AGR) - SASC has an online Athlete Grade Review system in place that is administered three times a semester. During which, professors have the opportunity to indicate if a student-athlete is frequently absent or if they have any other concerns. A compilation of the Athlete Grade Review reports is sent to each head coach.

Academic Meetings - The following student-athletes have mandatory weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly academic meetings with their SASC academic advisor:

  • First year freshmen
  • First year transfer students
  • Continuing student-athletes with a cumulative GPA below 2.5
  • Students who are currently not in good academic standing as determined by WKU academic policy
        (Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Committee) 
Study Table

WKU student-athletes are able to utilize the SASC for studying purposes during the academic center's hours of operation. At this time, the SASC is staffed with student workers who serve as either athletic tutors and or monitors. Student-athletes are required to sign in with the computer lab monitor using their WKU student ID card. They are logged into our online system called TutorTrac, which tracks student-athletes' visit history along with their tutoring appointments. This system generates a weekly study hour report that is sent to each head coach on Friday evenings.

Students MUST sign in regardless if they have mandatory study hours or not, and they MUST sign out each time they leave the computer lab or the academic center for whatever reason(s). Failure to do so will result in their visit being TERMINATED, so they will not get credit towards any study time for that particular visit. An automated email will be sent to their WKU email address if their visit is terminated for any reason.  The following rules apply to the SASC:

  • NO FOOD is allowed in the center and no drinks except for bottled water
  • NO CELL PHONE USAGE-Phones should be set on silent or vibrate when entering the SASC
  • NO sleeping
  • NO tobacco products
  • Talking should be at library-like level
  • Respect all SASC staff members

Student-athletes can check their study hours daily using the following steps:
1. Visit the TutorTrac website
2. Login to TutorTrac with your WKU email address and password (do not include the part)
3. Click on */Go To/* (located at the top of the screen)
4. Click on */View History/*
5. This report will show you every login for the semester in minutes.
6. If you are currently logged into the SASC, those hours will not show up in TutorTrac until you log out, and study hours may not
    show up immediately after signing out of the system.
7. Contact your SASC academic advisor regarding any errors in the system within 24hrs of the visit in question.

Tutoring Program

The SASC offers tutorial assistance is various subject areas and is provided at no cost to all student-athletes. Athletic tutors consist of undergraduate and graduate students who have, at least, a 3.0 cumulative GPA. If needed, the advisement staff makes a concerted effort to find tutors in subject areas not offered through the SASC or campus learning assistance centers.  

Upon arrival the SASC, student-athletes must notify the computer lab monitor if they have a tutoring appointment and provide him or her with the appointment time and subject. The lab monitor will then place students with their scheduled tutor.

Student-athletes may call the SASC computer lab at (270) 745-3174 or visit the TutorTrac website to make an appointment with a tutor if they need help with a class.  Student-athletes can also see their SASC academic advisor to schedule a tutoring appointment. An automated email is sent to student-athletes' WKU email address confirming their tutoring appointment after it has been scheduled. Student-athletes must contact their SASC academic advisor in order to cancel a mandatory tutoring appointment.

Click here to view a list of tutoring subject areas for Fall 2011.

Student Athlete Readiness Testing Program (START)

The Student Athlete Success Center in conjunction with the Department of Athletics, Student Disability Services, and the Psychology Department offers this program to student-athletes through a referral process. This program enables the SASC advisement staff to link the appropriate support services to each student-athlete. (*brochure)

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