Deck The Walls Enters National Championship Shadow box in Competition

Bowling Green, Ky. — The memories of Western Kentucky's 2002 I-AA Football National Championship will soon live on for generations thanks to the efforts of Mac Murphy and his staff at Deck The Walls in Bowling Green. A 50-inch wide, 74-inch tall shadow box featuring the national championship trophy and memorabilia from that historic season will be donated to the WKU Athletics Department and displayed in the Hilltopper football office after being entered in the Framerica Sports Boxer Challenge.

“We have always wanted to do something to celebrate the national championship, and this competition gave us the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.”

A photo of the project has been submitted, with the top 15-20 shadow boxes to go on display for judging at the Decor Expo Show in Atlanta next month.

Murphy credits fellow store co-owners Nica Murphy and Dan Murphy, and store employee Robbie Mihok, with helping design and build what he describes as an “elaborate trophy case” for Hilltopper football. The project is centered with a lighted box that houses WKU's national championship trophy, and is surrounded by boxes that display various memorabilia, helmets, jerseys and newspaper clippings from the 2002 campaign.

“This is a marvelous method of permanently capturing the flavor and feel of Western's 2002 football national championship,” said WKU Director of Athletics Dr. Wood Selig. “Mac Murphy of Deck the Walls has done a brilliant job of displaying the hysteria that goes hand-in-hand with a championship season. I cannot imagine a better first impression for a recruit or fan of Western football than to come eye-to-eye with this imposing display from our title run.”

“Our main goal in this was to give a nice piece for Western to display,” added Murphy. “However, we also wanted to show the public that this is a very nice way to showcase and preserve these items for generations.”

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