Power of One Update from Athletics Director Ross Bjork

Hilltopper Nation,
I wanted to take a brief moment to bring you up to speed on our Power of One Campaign we launched this past April.
Thanks to the coordinated efforts of our Board, numerous volunteers and many current HAF members, we have received nearly 50 new member referrals. As of today, new HAF memberships are up over 50% from this time last year! While we are excited by the progress, we realize that there is much work to be done if we are to achieve our goal of 2011 members in 2011.

Today I am simply asking you to stand with us in our continued efforts and Join the HAF  for as little as $50! If you are currently a member, thank you for your continued support. Please take a moment to Refer Someone You Know to do as you have done and invest in WKU.

There is tremendous opportunity for growth in Bowling Green and the surrounding region as you can see below:

City #Alumni # HAF Members
Bowling Green 13,656 1,155
Glasgow 2,763 62
Louisville 10,332 47
Nashville 7,242 40
Owensboro 5,462 35
Russellville 1,541 32
Franklin 1,122 27
Scottsville 1,036 27
Elizabethtown 4,137 20
Lexington 3,696 14
Thanks again for all you do and thanks in advance for accepting our challenge to Refer Someone You Know to join the HAF.
Stay tuned for personal accounts from our student-athletes on how your support affects them each and every day, beyond the athletic arenas. Share their stories, encourage support, and be proud of WKU!
Ross Bjork
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

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