Behind the Red Towel: Randy Lee

Since radio signals began transmitting athletic events, voices like Harry Carey, Vin Scully and Marty Brennaman have become legendary and iconic.

In today's premiere of the series, we highlight with the Voice of the Hilltoppers, Randy Lee.
Most WKU fans will never forget the three-point shot Ty Rogers hit at the buzzer to beat Drake in 2008, or forget the radio call.

Neither will the man who made the call, the Voice of the Hilltoppers, Randy Lee. Lee says the fun part of his job is getting to call the games. Lee said Rogers' shot is number one, but close on his list is a game this year.

"Casey Tinius' field goal to beat FIU 10-9, and really the story line that went into that. Casey missed nine-straight field goals and lost his job. Willie Taggart went to him and informed Casey that if there is another kick to be made, it's yours. We start driving in the fourth, and all of a sudden now I think we did a pretty good job of building the story line. Casey is on the bench and riding the bike as we are driving down the field without a timeout, and sure enough we get down to the last play of the game. Casey comes out and makes it, and it kept our winning streak alive and kept alive really a Cinderella season."

While play-by-play is the part most people recognize Lee for, his duties include more than the game calls.

On a normal week, Lee will actually spend 30 percent of his time doing pre-game preparation and calls and 70 percent of his time working his job with IMG Marketing. As Lee explains, each day brings a different schedule.

"It gets started when I write the television show. We have a Willie Taggart football coaches show every Monday that we start recording at 8:00, and usually we are out by 9:00 or 8:45.   Then we have media day on Mondays, and I am also in charge of making sure all of our events are catered. I have to make sure the food is there, and then the media get interviews after the noon luncheon, and then I usually go back to my sales job for a couple hours. At about 4:00 I put on another hat and go host the coaches shows on the radio network."

While there is a lot more to the job than calling plays, Lee says he is lucky to have caught the breaks he has in a career that he didn't know he wanted entering college.

"They were looking for someone to come in and be the sports voice of the school and also generate revenue, and I applied for the job and came in for an interview and was fortunate to get it. It was the best professional move I have ever made. It is a wonderful school, a family atmosphere, the athletic department has just been sensational and I couldn't be happier."

And as each new season brings new players and new faces to WKU, the voice and the man behind the microphone continues to remain the same for the Hilltoppers.